The Wall, the Ego and the Way Forward!

Beth is bringing her message of love and awareness to more and more people through video. Her show, Granny Rocks Our World (GROW), is aired live every Wednesday at 6:30 Pacific time. All archives are on her YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV. This show was aired on January 9.

Here’s how It was described one viewer: Wow! Granny provides a way out over the government shutdown and impasse over Trump’s demand for a wall and it comes from a broader perspective than I have seen anywhere else! Have a look….! This is spiritual activism and higher wisdom at work!

Enjoy, and follow us on Facebook at If you’re wondering, she has given up the old format of Granny’s Place where she talked and played the keyboard at the same time. Because of technical problems, she wasn’t able to live stream and talk with her audience at the same time, so she chose to do her music separately and really interact with folks. Enjoy GROW!