Intuitively-Guided Counseling

Revolutionize yourself and your life. You won’t believe what you can learn about yourself by consulting with Beth! Now she is offering personal and relationship counseling sessions, private creative arts coaching, groups and more.

See below which might best support you. If you are not sure whether you need counseling or arts consulting, please write to me at, so that we can decide together.

20 Minutes with Beth

After more than 35 years as an intuitive counselor doing lengthy counseling sessions, Beth is able to offer something more powerful: 20 Minutes with Beth. For the cost of $100, you will receive a private consultation, which is quick, direct and impactful, and sessions are available anywhere in the world because they are held on the internet. In the course of 20 minutes,  Beth will help you cut through your own maze of confusions, conflicts and self-deceptions and help you transform.

My “20 minutes” with Beth was amazing! I love that we jumped right into it with the first question. It helped me to see what I really needed from the session. From there, it was like we were on a bullet train. I was shocked by how much we covered in 20 minutes—the quantity and quality of the consulting seemed like it should have taken an hour. Beth’s clarity of vision and ability to connect to and channel divine wisdom are unparalleled. She is incredible at getting at the heart of the matter and helped me not only to see reality clearly but relax and take the steps I need to support my evolution. Rosenilyne Hopson, San Diego, California

Sessions are conducted via Zoom videoconferencing, though they can also be accessed by phone. When you register, you’ll receive all the instructions.

If you’re skeptical about what Beth can do in 20 minutes, read some of the testimonials on this page. Also tune into this genuine, unrehearsed counseling session, shared with the permission of the client. Click here. Beth’s insights and healing powers can really shake up your old ways of thinking and feeling. So the support shouldn’t end there. You can always participate in some of her other groups, use her free supports as described throughout this website. or follow up with another session.

Beth went into such depth in 20 minutes! The time was loaded, dense and intense. By the end of 20 minutes I felt grounded, clear, supported and empowered.Annette Hughes

To book your session, click here. Using this link, you can book an Intuitive Counseling or Creativity Coaching Session. Just let me know which you have chosen when we meet! See you then.