Dreams of Peace Livestream

People from around the world are tuning into Dreams of Peace and loving it. They from all continents, different nations, races and religions, the spectrum of genders and all ages. They tell us that the music feeds the soul, and they love watching Beth just sit down and play whatever comes to her. They also love her smile. Join them and see if it supports you, too. Just go to any program, look at the names and faces of her viewers, and read their comments!

Imagine your own personal pianist gifting you and all those listening with beautiful music that carries healing and transformational energies. Imagine that this pianist is creating this music live, right in the moment. Imagine that you could experience this music again and again afterward. Imagine that you can have this experience without leaving home.

Then you are imagining “Dreams of Peace Improvisational Piano Livestream” by Beth Green. Available as a weekly Facebook livestream Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific time or any time thereafter, Dreams of Peace piano music is intuitively-guided, meaning Beth simply sits down at her acoustic grand piano, tunes in and improvises. And all you have to do is go to her Facebook page, follow her if you would like to be notified when she’s live, and tune in Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific time. Here’s the link to her Facebook page.

We will be sharing Beth’s latest program on this page, but Dreams of Peace also has its own entire playlist on Granny Rocks TV, so you can watch and listen to any or all at any time.

In addition to the music, all of Beth’s offerings are intuitively-guided. If you’ve been looking at this website, for example, you know that Beth is an intuitively-guided counselor, workshop leader and host of Granny Rocks Our World (GROW) — a livestream Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific time, also on her Facebook page. On GROW, she spontaneously talks about anything and everything, as she helps us face reality with humor and determination. Beth has also been intuitively guided to write books, compose music and create personal songs just for you (see Your Personal Song on this website.)

Always striving to help alleviate needless suffering, Beth is now bringing her intuitively-guided piano improvisations to you via Dreams of Peace. Just tune in, relax and let the music act on you.

Check out all the offerings on Beth’s Facebook page. Also visit her amazing YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV, where you see her music videos. And be sure to check out all of this website. You’ll see information about all her offerings and free downloads of two of her books and all of her music albums.

So join us on Thursdays, tell other people about “Dreams of Peace,” comment on Facebook or on Granny Rocks TV and help spread these healing vibrations. Donate, if you can. We appreciate support from individuals and businesses, such as the Portland and Eugene Piano Companies, who are among our sponsors, and we could use a lot more help. We all need help dealing with the upsets of life, and this music might be a support that helps make a difference in your life and that of others!