Magical Improvs with Beth Green & James Maynard

New Music Livestream Every Week

People from around the world are tuning into Magical Musical Improvs and loving it. They are from all continents, different nations, races and religions, the spectrum of genders and all ages. They tell us that the music feeds the soul, and they love watching Beth and James just play and sing whatever comes to them. They also love their laughter and good humor. Join them and see if it supports you, too.

This program is magical. The music is magical because it has an amazing impact on listeners, helping them feel calm, yet inspired. It’s magical because Beth only improvises, which means she is creating the music on the spot with no pre-planning. It’s magical because Beth’s story is magical. Illness and disability blocked her from playing the piano from the age of 15. At 73, she felt guided to buy a piano and only improvise. She discovered that if she only improvised, she could play. And finally, it’s magical, because Beth is housebound and if it weren’t for the miracle of the internet, she couldn’t join you and play from her soul to yours.

Available as a weekly Facebook livestream Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific time or any time thereafter, Beth’s Magical piano music is intuitively-guided, meaning Beth simply sits down at her acoustic grand piano, tunes in and improvises. And to enjoy it, all you have to do is go to her Facebook page, follow her if you would like to be notified when she’s live or just tune in Thursdays at 7 pm Pacific time. Here’s the link to her Facebook page. If you come live, you can chat with her right on the air. Or if you miss the live broadcast, just make your comment when you can and she will happily respond to you.

We will be sharing Beth’s latest program on this page, but Beth’s Magical Piano Improvisations also has its own entire playlist on Beth Green TV, so you can watch and listen to any or all at any time.

In addition to the music, all of Beth’s offerings are intuitively-guided. If you’ve been looking at this website, for example, you know that Beth is an intuitively-guided counselor, workshop leader and host of Granny Rocks, a livestream she and James broadcast Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific time, also on her Facebook page. Tune in and hear her talk to our hearts about us and what we need to make the transformations we long for, and she does it all with humor and uncommon sense.

Always striving to help alleviate needless suffering, Beth is now bringing her intuitively-guided piano improvisations to you via Beth Green’s Magical Piano Improvisations. Just tune in, relax and let the music act on you.

Check out all the offerings on Beth’s Facebook page. Also visit her amazing YouTube channel, Beth GreenTV, where you see her music videos. And be sure to check out all of this website. You’ll see information about all her offerings and free downloads of two of her books and all of her music albums.

So join us on Thursdays, tell other people about Beth’s Magical Piano Improvisations, comment on Facebook or on Beth Green TV and help spread the word. Donate, if you can.