Creativity Coaching

Beth Green is a renowned intuitively-guided counselor and consultant. She can also coach you with your creativity, music, art, writing, acting and more. Let her help you become the artist you are on the inside, as well as the human being you are destined to be. If you are interested in her improvisational piano coaching in particular, click here for an in-depth description and opportunity to sign up.

I’m amazed at the breakthrough I got out of my creative arts intuitive coaching session with Beth and with how unexpectedly it came about. And, I mean that in the very best way. I’m a musician and a website designer and in this first session we focused on music because I’m experimenting with songwriting. I wanted help from Beth because my journey into songwriting has been very labored – more like a chore than a creative expression. In fact, I was starting to think to myself, “I just don’t have it.” Without going into the details of what Beth had me do, the result is that I am totally freed up and my natural musicality and playfulness came out in a wonderful way. And, it’s not just a one-time event because I am continuing to practice the exercise she gave me during the session. Thank you so much Beth! I can’t wait to schedule my next session.    Todd B., Bonsall, CA

I am Beth Green, and I have over 40 years of experience helping people understand themselves and transform on everything. I also have worked with families, couples of all sorts and people seeking consulting help with their jobs or businesses. In addition, I have the capacity to reach deep into myself and express what’s there, and I would like to help you do the same for you. I am a skilled musician and writer, but more importantly, I can work with people in any artistic field because I am highly intuitive and can feel whenever you are off, stuck or disconnected. I’m not trying to help you sound like me. I’m trying to help you sound like you!

As I have done for many years with other artists, I will create a personalized program for you. Please be aware that I am NOT here to help you with technique (there are others more qualified), and I cannot make you who you are not. But if you are willing to hear the truth and have the guts to change from the inside out, I can help you become the artist you really are. You can schedule yourself through the auto-scheduler, which is so convenient. I look forward to collaborating with you on either refining your work or transforming it. Just click here to schedule your appointment.

Granny (Beth) helped me see, in one session how I’ve shut down around my greatest self-expression…movement.  Within one session I understood with compassion the cause of my shut down and then the support to connect once again to this freedom of expression.  I am grateful for Beth’s gifts that unraveled this protective layer in me so I can begin to soar again.  Rose E., Ramona, CA 

If you would like to explore my intuitive counseling sessions for individuals and couples, my groups and retreats and other offerings, please check out Thirty Minutes with Beth,  my intuitively guided counseling on this website. To schedule, just click here. Intuitive counseling is very deep and focuses more on childhood and personal issues; whereas the arts coaching focuses more on developing you as an artist. You can schedule for either by using my auto-scheduler for a session. Looking forward to seeing you.

Just had a wonderful experience with my first visual arts creativity session! I would love to continue! It’s so powerful and fun! Helen H., Fallbrook, CA