Groups that Support Men & Relationships

Coming out of her long experience leading workshops and supervising groups, Beth continues to bring her intuitive guidance to three ongoing groups that might help you. Each of these groups has its own regular meetings, which happen via videoconference, though you can use the phone to call in when necessary. Each group has its own internal leadership and the leadership or the entire group get bi-weekly support/supervision from Beth. In addition, each group has periodic workshops, which we call half-day retreats. At these workshops, you get Beth’s personal attention and they are very impactful.

The support within the groups is amazing. The individuals in the men’s group have released large chunks of their prior conditioning, and they are growing in freedom, self-expression and mutual support. The relationship group started as a couple’s group, but single people have also joined to deal with their own blocks to relating with others, whether those relationships be friendships, intimate, business or social. Participation in all the groups has led to huge transformations in the individuals and couples.

Each group collects very modest dues, which pays for Beth’s supervision, and the workshops are very reasonable. If you don’t see any workshop/retreats scheduled the link below, contact the groups for the date of the next one.

Events listings on Facebook.

For information on the ongoing men’s group, contact Todd Benton for all the particulars. For information about the Relationship Group, contact Erica Wood-Taylor.