Beth’s General Biography

Beth in the early 2000s

Beth Green is an intuitively-guided counselor, teacher and workshop leader, an original thinker and a catalyst for change who launched a career as a professional improvisational pianist at the age of 76. while offering a YouTube blog called The Improvisational Pianist and coaching lessons to help others play the piano improvisationally as well. And she loves it all. (More about Beth’s music toward the end of the biography.)

But this is just the beginning. Beth is also a gifted intuitive counselor, teacher, facilitator, author, speaker, livestreamer, composer and more. Despite her having been chronically ill since the age of 15, Beth’s work is prodigious, effective and constantly evolving. Yet none of this describes her. Very simply put, Beth Green is intuitively guided in all things. And that is the secret of this amazing woman.

Beth as Little Girl

Born of working class Jewish parents in New York City,1945, Beth has always been acutely aware of the intense suffering on the planet. From the age of 9, and at great personal cost (including being expelled from an Ivy League women’s college), she became a dedicated social activist, engaged with issues ranging from anti-nuclear proliferation to income inequality, the Vietnam War, racism, social justice and workers’ rights. At the end, from 1974-78, she was the West Coast Coordinator of the Wages for Housework Campaign, which pointed out the role of “women’s work” in the economy while addressing the economic foundation of women’s lack of power in society. She felt deeply committed to this work, but by 1978, she had burned out on political activism and opened herself to a different way to support social change.

She didn’t have to wait long. In 1978, just as she withdrew from radical politics, she had a completely unexpected spiritual awakening, and in 1980, she even had a “psychic” awakening and began to experience an inner voice that has guided her ever since. She immediately became an intuitively-guided counselor, working with groups and individuals.
With no training in spirituality or religion – just following her inner guidance – Beth immediately became a voice for grounded spirituality. Right out of the gate, her understanding has been broad, and her insight has been laser-like. Her coaching and teachings have called upon us to confront mindless conformity to the beliefs and conditioning that enslave us, and she has supported us to see past our own fears and rationalizations. She has helped us connect the human and the divine, and her life-long goal has not wavered. As before, when she was a social activist, she is striving to help co-create a better world, but now using what she sees as a more effective approach. And she does it all with warmth, compassion and a delightful sense of humor.

Beth & Her Mother in the 20005. Her mother passed away years later at the age of 102.

Right after her psychic awakening, Beth worked for a short time on her own. But in 1983, she was guided to call her work The Stream, defined as the process of becoming who you already are, and to her amazement, people joined her, and a spiritual community was born, whose express purpose was to bring together psychology and spirituality. During those years, Beth did counseling, taught intuitive counseling, ran workshops and intensives, wrote articles and created tapes, books and articles, all intuitively guided. One of the seminal works she created during that time was the book “Sacred Union: The Healing of God,” which posited a God that was not perfect, but evolving, and which showed the way to evolve beyond the domination of the ego.

Over the decades, The Stream went through many changes, including becoming a nonprofit organization. But ultimately it has evolved into what it has become today, a tight-knit group with a common purpose, to support Oneness in ourselves and throughout the world and to use the works of Beth Green to do so.

In the decades since her spiritual awakening, Beth has evolved and created numerous teachings, tools and processes to support everyone’s evolution. Many of these are contained in her books “Living with Reality” and “Handbook for the Inner Revolution.” In addition, she has been a counselor and prolific workshop leader, facilitates support groups for men, relationships and the cognitively impaired, written six books (two fiction and four non-fiction), two of which are free downloads at this website. These downloads include “Living with Reality,” a comprehensive manual to shift human consciousness. She has also created five CDs of original music, which you can find on all your favorite music streaming platforms. On June 25, 2021, Beth will have released her sixth, which is her first album comprised completely of piano improvisations. It’s called “A Peace Beyond Reason: Piano Improvisations from the Soul.” And there’s lots more she’s done, including being a blogger at the Huffington Post and other sites, and participating as one of only 14 spiritual teachers in book called “The New Science & Spirituality Reader” edited by two-time Nobel prize nominee Ervin Laszlo. Over the decades, she has been interviewed many dozens of times on the media, and she formerly hosted her own radio show, Inner Revolutionary Radio. Additionally, she has supported many people to develop their own intuition, both as a natural result of working with her in her intuitive style and through her many intuition and consciousness training classes.

Beth’s first home concert in July, 2018, just a year after she started playing the piano again after a hiatus of 58 years!

Currently, in addition to doing intuitively-guided personal and creativity counseling, groups, retreats and workshops, Beth is offering two weekly Facebook livestreams at her very active Facebook page. Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific time, Beth offers Granny Rocks! a livestream combining commentary, humor and her improvisational piano music as she addresses the inner self in a compassionate but direct way. She also leads a videoconferenced support group every Wednesday evening at 7pm Pacific time, and all can participate if they register (there is a fee). The program is called Seeing Through New Glasses, where people meet with Beth and one another via videoconference (accessed by computer or phone) to gain deeper insight into themselves about their own relationship to themes recently explored on Granny Rocks! She also continues to perform live every Thursday at 7 pm Pacific time, broadcasting a program called Beth Green’s Magical Piano Improvisations. She is performing in New Thought churches and other venues via video during the pandemic. She offers Intuition Training for Joy & Service!, an online class you can join at any time. In addition, she offers special programs and concerts when she feels guided, and she has developed the transformational music you hear on this website.

In addition to her Facebook page, which has over 10,000 followers, Beth has well over 500 videos (and counting!) on her YouTube channel, Beth Green TV, where she speaks with fresh originality about topics from relationships and ego, to economics and history. On this channel, she also shares videos of her original music, and there’s tons of it. While you are at her YouTube channel, you can participate for free in LifeForce: The Inner Workout, which is a mind-body-spirit exercise program whose archives go back for years. And finally, in addition to her counseling, teaching, and other opportunities for you to interact with her personally online, Beth offers periodic in-person events, such as retreats, as allowed in light of the pandemic, and she is performing more and more for live audiences on the piano. Her retreats often have the theme of developing your own kinds of creativity.

Beth & James at Home on the Set of her Piano Livestream.

And speaking of the piano, Beth has a fascinating history around music. Although Beth has been on the planet since 1945, she has just become a performer and is launching her professional career at 76 years of age. Beth was being trained as a classical pianist until the age of 15, when she became chronically ill and disabled. Blocked by illness, Beth stopped playing the piano, but through the miracle of computer technology, she was able to start composing and recording during her 50s. But now in her mid-70s, another miracle has occurred – she has begun playing the piano again. Guided by the inner voice, in 2017, at the age of 73, she and her husband James bought a gorgeous grand piano, even though she couldn’t play. She was guided to only improvise so she could avoid the strain of having to physically read music and having to practice and perform skills impossible for her body. To her amazement, she discovered that she has a great improvisational gift, she can play for limited amounts of time without totally crippling herself, and she loves it. She is now using her 7-foot Shigeru Kawai grand piano to perform live improvisations, and she uses the internet to tour the world with her music. She has also been producing audio and video recordings of her intuitively-guided music. On many, including her album Emergence to Transcendence, she accompanies her pre-recorded improvisations with digital musical instruments. Videos of these can also be found on her YouTube channel. Her newest album, Peace Beyond Reason, features her intuitively-guided piano music and was released mid-2021 as an audio album that you can listen to on any of your favorite streaming sites. And, finally, of course, in September 2021, Beth started to improvise powerful transformational music.

Beth & Her Piano, a Shigeru Kawai SK6

For a little personal information, Beth Green is married to James Maynard, otherwise known as “Sweet Baby: James, who is also a musician and with whom she sometimes performs. Beth is grateful to James, who cares for her emotionally and takes care of her physically. They live in beautiful, treed Corvallis Oregon with their two little dogs, Lily and Charlie.

For more information about Beth, her workshops, counseling, creative arts coaching, intuition training, videos and other ongoing activities, explore this website, and follow her Facebook page. To see archived offerings, check out and subscribe to Beth Green TV her YouTube channel. You can also book yourself private time with Beth or register for any of her paid offerings by clicking here.

Beth has faced a lifetime of challenges and physical pain and disability, but she never gives up. She loves to interact with people, and she loves to help. Check out her music and her message. Perhaps she can support you in meeting the challenges of your own life..