Self-Expression, Improvisation & Effectiveness Through Words, Music & More

If you are interested in expanding your capacity to self-express through the arts, in your work and in your life, try my coaching. I can help you liberate yourself from what’s blocking you to be natural and self-expressed. And I use the tools of improvisation and emotional healing.

Improvisation is about self-expression without the restriction of sheet music. Thank you for the session, it was amazing. I can’t believe how my emotions came through on the piano. I’m looking forward to playing and growing as a musician.

Catalina Guzman, Springfield, Oregon

Hi There, I’m Beth Green, and I create music on the spot as a professional improvisational pianist. I also “improvise” in writing, acting, counseling, even leading long workshops and more. It seems like magic, and it is. But actually my abilities come from a combination of a natural intuitive gift with a lot of healing and self-awareness. I can’t give you a natural gift, but I can help you to develop it.

In the arts, as in life, are you blocked? Where are you getting stuck? With my 40 years of expression as an intuitively-guided counselor, I have the skill to help you discover what’s blocking your self-expression in general or at any given moment. That’s why I’m coaching people who play any instrument, sing, do movement, write, act, anything that requires authenticity and openness. It’s not always easy, but it can be fun and deeply rewarding.

What I Do & What I Offer

I use improvisation and emotional healing to support my clients. Improvisation is a great way for you to start to self-express and be free. As a musician, I do only free improvisation, meaning I have NO structure when I begin to play. I don’t improvise based on a song or a pre-planned chord progression. I just improvise based on what’s in my heart. In fact, My hands move around the keyboard and the music just comes out. But, of course, you don’t have to improvise the way I do. You could improvise on a song, a chord progression, a motif, a rhythm, or you could do it all.

As a speaker, author and workshop leader, I also improvise, connecting to myself and bringing forward what is inside.

If you would like to start improvising or improve your improvisation, I might be able to help you. I’m offering individual coaching to pianists who want to improvise more freely, either as a pro or to simply expand their enjoyment of playing music. Anyone is welcome except beginning students. There are other teachers and videos for that. I specialize in teaching improvisation, so to take my coaching, you must already have sufficient piano skills to be able to play.

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About My Musical Background

If you want to know about my musical background, check out my biography here. My journey with music is truly amazing, and you might even find it inspiring to learn why I started improvising at the age of 73 and where it has taken me. To hear me play, you can also check out my weekly program called Beth Green’s Magical Piano Improvisations, which I livestream every Thursday at 7 pm Pacific time at my Facebook page,, where I have over 10,000 followers. And by June 25, I will have released my first 100% improvised solo piano album “Peace Beyond Reason: Piano Improvisations from the Soul.” (I published five albums prior to my taking off as an improvisational pianist.) You’ll be able to hear and purchase it on all the streaming platforms. Explore my website,, to learn about my other offerings, musical and counseling, including five other albums of composed music.

Let’s make music!

“Beth Green has brought back to us a tradition that has been eclipsed in classical music for centuries, namely improvisation. Her precedents for piano improvisation at the highest level were Chopin and Liszt in the 19th century and all the Bach composers in the 18th. Why has such an important phenomenon of musical thinking disappeared for so long? I am so happy to still be alive and see the resurgence of this great art, thanks to Beth .”

Christine Berl, Model, Former Performing Pianist & Composer

Dear Fellow Music Lovers & Musicians

Let’s give it a try. I hope I can help you free yourself from whatever fears, beliefs or conditioning may be limiting you or even holding you back altogether from expressing yourself on the piano. Not only am I a professional improvisational pianist, I am also an experienced intuitive counselor with over 40 years experience and a creativity coach, who has worked with musicians, actors, writers and more. Plus I am intuitively guided, which means I can help you unearth the blocks you can’t see. So we can go deep. You just have to want it and be willing to take it on.

A particular word to classical musicians. I have been told over and over that I do not play classical music, because I improvise. Nonsense! Bach, Chopin, Liszt were prodigious improvisers. Improvisation is traditional in classical music and I would like to see it come back. Let’s do it together.

So let’s take a chance on each other. You will need at least intermediate piano skills, an external microphone and a webcam. You will also need Humility, Courage & the Love of Music! We will videoconference on Zoom and we’ll make it happen.

The cost of your private session is $75 for 40 minutes. You can schedule yourself right here. If you cannot be available during the times on my schedule, please contact me at

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