Granny Rocks!

Let Granny rock your world with her warmth, humor and uncommon sense combined with her spontaneously improvised piano music. It’s deep and it’s fun. Join Granny Rocks! live Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific time for about 20 minutes of wit and wisdom at If you come live, you can chat with her in real time. But even if you can’t join us live, you can add a comment later, and she will be happy to respond.

Beth makes sense of the world. She helps us understand human behavior in the private and public spheres, and she brings us clarity and compassion as we laugh at the attitudes and behaviors so many of us share. In addition, you’ll enjoy the contributions of “Sweet Baby” James, who adds his comments and examples of the topic at here.

On this page, you can always watch the latest Granny Rocks!, and you can click here to see all the archives at Granny Rocks TV on YouTube.

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