Yes, we are a nonprofit corporation, The Stream, dba Granny Rocks: The Music & Message of Beth Green. And you can make tax-deductible donations right here.

Why do we need donations? Beth creates beautiful music, which she streams every Thursday for free, and she and James produce Granny Rocks, a livestream that speaks to us on the deepest level, and that’s free too. She also creates books and other music, which she distributes free in digital form. And you never know what she’ll be offering next. As you can imagine, all of this costs money: equipment, subscriptions for creativity tools, promotion, audio engineering and more.

So if you believe the world needs more love and connection, if you resonate with Beth’s music and message, if you would like to see her work become more known, please consider joining the growing number of people donating to her work. Any contribution, large or small, will be appreciated.

Just click below:

To donate via Paypal or a credit or debit card, click the button below.

If you prefer to pay by check, just email her, and she’ll tell you where to send it.

Beth does NOT want anyone to make a contribution they cannot afford. Please check in with your higher self to see if this something you feel you should do. There are many ways you can support Beth that don’t involve money — such as tuning into her livestreams, sharing her programs and sending her love! Thank you.