Granny’s Message

Our world is brutal. We feel unsafe and burdened with the responsibility of protecting ourselves and others we care for. We are taught to compete, to punish, to push ourselves and to sell ourselves out for money or power. We abuse ourselves with drugs, sex or food to comfort ourselves, to keep going or to make ourselves feel invulnerable. We let ourselves be exploited and we are willing to exploit others and the Earth for some fleeting advantage. We fight each other for crumbs. And most of us have come to think of this way of life as normal. But it’s neither normal nor healthy for our bodies, minds or spirits. The only way to feel safe in this unsafe world is to make the world safer for everyone. And we do that by reaching out to one another to create the love and connection which make us truly safe. And we reach out to one another to reorganize our society and economy to meet the needs of people and the Earth. We at TheInnerRevolution.Org are continuing the mobilization for this better world. Join us!

Bookmark this page. Attend our events in person or online. Follow and participate in my Facebookpage. Listen, download and share my music. Invite me into your community in person or via the internet. Be the change! Together, we can co-create the world we want to live in.