Peel the Mask: In Support of Our Gladiators & All Men

Granny Rocks can’t kneel, but she can raise her musical fist to honor our athletes and all those who are fighting racism in ourselves and our nation. But more than that, she is raising her fist to support all men, whose lives are sacrificed to a male culture that doesn’t care for their wellbeing. Listen to this powerful song. Join her call to men of all races and religions: Peel off your masks, get real, see your oneness, and care for yourselves and one another. Watch this video and pass it on to all the men and women who need to hear it. And join her in person and via the internet, as we fight for a world that meets the needs of people and the earth. Granny Rocks, also known as Beth Green, founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org. Check out all out all Granny Rocks’ videos on her YouTube channel, as well as on Beth Green TV, which includes all her videos under the name Beth Green, founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org.