Laugh Your Way to Self-Love: A Preview of Granny’s Place

On December 17th, Granny Rocks live streamed a totally spontaneous program called A Gift of Peace for the Holidays. It was fantastic. We laughed our heads off, felt more peaceful and even learned something about having more peace in our lives. (You can watch the whole thing here on YouTube

But more than that happened. Out of that experience came the idea for Granny’s Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense, and we’re launching it on Wednesday, 6:30-7 pm Pacific time. People need a place to kick off their shoes, be entertained, laugh at themselves and feel safe enough to tell the truth. And that’s Granny’s Place, where Granny (also known as Beth Green) spontaneously raps, jokes and plays music that nurtures us.

We’ll be live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, and details are coming. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel or Facebook page so that you’ll be notified every time Granny comes on the air live. But, also, mark your calendar. Our first show is Wednesday, January 31, 6:30-7 pm, Pacific time. Please figure out your own time zone. If you can’t make the live show, you can always watch it later. But we hope you can come on live, chat with us and connect to Granny. She wants to welcome you to Granny’s Place.

In the meantime, here’s snippet out of the Gift of Peace video. Enjoy!

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