How Can I Help You? Granny Rocks Answers Your Questions on Granny’s Place

No, you are not seeing double. This IS the title of our show from two weeks ago. But the show format was so successful, we have decided to do this kind of show again. What really amazed us last time was that we related to EVERY question that people asked, so even if we didn’t have a question in the pot, we were still enlightened by Granny’s responses. So if you didn’t have a chance to ask Granny Rocks your question last time, please go to the following link and write your name and question for Granny: Please submit your question by Tuesday morning.

Or just tune in for the show for the thought-provoking entertainment it will provide. If you aren’t familiar with Granny’s Rocks, she is funny, intuitive, perceptive, wise and full of surprises. She integrates her commentary and her music seamlessly, so we feel nurtured, entertained and challenged, all at the same time. So tune in to the show and let Granny know how she can help you by submitting your name and question by Tuesday morning to the following link: Or just tune in, whether or not you submit a question. And like, comment and pass this on. And, by the way, also consider stopping by Granny’s Kitchen 15 minutes after the live show. We’ll have an opportunity to discuss the questions and responses with one another and Granny herself. Join us for Granny’s Place at 6:30 pm Pacific and Granny’s Kitchen at 7:15 pm Pacific. Here’s how:

Follow this page on Facebook to be alerted when Granny’s Place is live, and like, comment and pass this on to your friends. If you have an apple iOS device, please be sure to watch the video on Chrome or on the Facebook app (not Safari). When you come live, you can listen, laugh and chat with our Granny’s Place hosts. All Granny’s Place episodes and Granny’s Kitchen gatherings are later archived at Granny Rocks TV on YouTube:

And join us after Granny’s Place at Granny’s Kitchen: A Place to Process Our Feelings & Feed Our Souls! Granny is opening her kitchen to all of her listeners live via Zoom from 7:15-8:15pm Pacific every Wednesday night for support and guidance, processing, clarifying, answering questions and developing mutual support with other listeners. To join, just download Zoom at on your device, open the app and click JOIN A MEETING, enter ID # 599-717-7476 and click JOIN AUDIO and you are in Granny’s Kitchen! You can also call in by calling 646-568-7788 and entering the same meeting ID and clicking # twice. We hope to see you at Granny’s Place and Granny’s Kitchen on July 11th!

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