Soul-O Piano

Soothing Piano Music that Nurtures the Soul

If you are at all familiar with Beth’s story, you’ll know that she recently started to improvise at the piano, and the result has been amazing. People really feel touched, moved, transformed and uplifted by this music, and Beth has been inspired to share it.

Discovering that the music has impact, Beth began Soul-O Piano, a series of spontaneous, improvised piano pieces. Right now you can hear a playlist of these songs on YouTube at Beth’s channel, Granny Rocks TV, where you will also see her more than 250 videos of music, commentary and humor. But to just tune into her Soul-O-Piano improvisations, just click here to hear these songs.

The list of Soul-O Piano will grow, but Beth has also been busy creating personal songs. Your Personal Song is a program that combines an approximately 20-minute session with Beth, with a piano improvisation that Beth creates on the spot for you, a song that reflects who you really are on the inside. You can learn about Your Personal song here. You can also hear a playlist of these song on YouTube at This Could Be Your Personal Song on Granny Rocks TV. Check it out, and see if you wouldn’t like to gift yourself with a personal song for yourself or a loved one. To sign up for your own personal song, you can schedule yourself here.

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