Emergence to Transcendence: A Solo Piano Plus Album

Emergence to Transcendence is a series of pieces that reflect our soul’s journey. It is deeply moving, inspiring, surprising and transformational. To create these pieces, composer Beth Green combines her improvisational acoustic piano music with beautiful digital instruments. The pieces were mixed and mastered by Brian Losch, two-time Grammy Award winning engineer. Beth then created a cover for each song using the magnificent artwork of Christina Miller and all the songs were transformed in videos for her YouTube channel. Check out the whole playlist.

The story of Beth’s music is miraculous. Until the age of 15, Beth Green was trained as a classical pianist. Then she became chronically ill and she had to stop. In her mid-fifties, she started working with the computer to create music, but she couldn’t really play the piano. Then, rather suddenly, at the age of 73, she started to play. She and her husband bought a 7-foot Shigeru Kawai SK6, which they call Celeste, and she’s playing a real acoustic piano. A dream come true. She doesn’t know how she is physically doing it, but Beth found that she could play much more easily if she could improvise what she can. So now, she just sits down, improvises and music flows through her. Beth is an intuitively guided counselor, teacher and livestream host. Her intuition is now guiding her again, but through music.

In addition to Solo Piano Plus, Beth is creating Soul-O Piano, a playlist of improvised solo piano piece. More information right on this website. Plus she’s offering the very special program Your Personal Song, which you can find on this website as well! Check it out and see if you don’t want one for yourself or a loved one. These songs are personally created for you, and you can hear some on her Granny Rocks TV station by clicking on This Could Be Your Personal Song. People have been telling Beth that they love them and that they are amazing!

We hope you enjoy Emergence to Transcendence and Beth’s other music.