Without a Net! Intuitively-Guided Improvisational Solo Piano Music

Sunday @ 5:00 pm

Eugene, Oregon & Online

Come in person or via the internet! Beth Green, aka Granny Rocks, will perform her next free home concert in Eugene Sunday, October 28 at 5 pm to close her weekend retreat. And you are invited to attend online or in person, even if you aren't attending the retreat. She'll be performing on her 7-foot Shigeru Kawai grand piano, and she will be offering her intuitively-guided improvisational music that is continually called "amazing!" We'll be livestreaming this event at www.facebook.com/grannyrockson. It will also be available as a post afterward, so you don't have to miss it!

Gig Details

Venue Details

Online Anywhere Plus in Person at The Home of Granny Rocks/Beth Green and Sweet Baby James Spyglass Drive, Cal Young area
Eugene, Oregon & Online
541 600-8699
541 600-8699

Beth Green, aka Granny Rocks, will perform her next home concert in Eugene on Sunday, October 28 starting at 5 pm, and the program will be simultaneously live streamed to her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/grannyrockson. For those who don’t know her, Beth became chronically ill at the age of 15, when she had to stop playing the piano. She had been studying classical music and was attending the High School of Performing Arts and the Chatham Square Music School in New York when she became ill and disabled. Despite being significantly handicapped, she went on to become many things, including the author of six books, the creator of four music CDs, an intuitively-guided counselor, a workshop leader, a speaker and the creator of Granny’s Place, a Facebook livestream. But she couldn’t play the piano, which she had loved.

Until now… After being unable to play the piano for 58 years, Beth at 73 years old has just recently overcome her many disabilities and fears in order to play the piano once again. To do so, she has learned a new way of playing. Unable to physically practice classical music, she has found that if she improvises, she can defy her physical limitations and create music that is both beautiful and stimulating.

Come hear her improvise — which, she jokes, is like walking a tightrope without a net — and experience with her the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next. People report that the impact of her intuitively-guided music is amazing! In fact, although she has only just come back to the piano, she has already performed successfully in a number of venues online and in person, including having helped launch the new store of the Eugene Piano Company, where she originally bought her gorgeous Shigeru Kawai 7-ft grand.

Now she and her husband, “Sweet Baby” James Maynard (himself a musician) are inviting you to come to their home once again to share the joy and the inspiration. Beth is extremely sensitive, so please NO fragrances of any kind. And please call for the address and to RSVP, so they’ll know to save you a chair! Or attend online anywhere by going to www.facebook.com/grannyrockson for the live stream. Or watch it afterward on her Facebook page or her YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV.