Weekly Live Stream of Granny's Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

Live Streamed every Wednesday, 6:30 pm Pacific on Facebook & YouTube. For this show's topic, follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/grannyrockson. We post upcoming shows. You can also follow us on Facebook to be alerted when the show comes on!

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Every week, a couple of days before the show, Granny gives us a heads-up about what’s coming on the next show. So for details on the upcoming Granny’s Place, go to Granny’s Facebook page and check Events. To watch the actual show live, just go to her page. Better yet, follow her on Granny’s Facebook page to be alerted every time she’s streaming. You can also watch the show live on YouTube at Granny’s Place. Just subscribe there to be alerted. Our show airs live 6:30-7 pm Pacific. Afterward, you can catch all the Granny’s Place videos at our permanent home: Granny’s Place on YouTube.