Changing Our World from the Inside Out. Join Us to See How!

Saturday @ 10:00 am

San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

Another Granny Rocks event combining the music and the message. Co-sponsored by Granny Rocks, aka Beth Green, and TheInnerRevolution.Org, of which Granny is the founder. Our society is brutal in many ways. We can be brutal to ourselves, others and our environment, and many of us have accepted this as normal. But it's not! This event will focus on the message of how WE can change that and start doing it NOW.

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3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online


Our society is brutal. We are brutal to ourselves, as we drive ourselves to compete and overwork. We are brutal to one another when we feel threatened or thwarted or when we have the chance to gain an advantage. Much of our play is brutal: extreme sports, violent games online and on the field. Our penal system and our political system are brutal. Our economic system is brutal, using us up mercilessly and doing the same to the environment. And sadly, many of our love songs are brutal, reducing one another to sex objects. We are raised with the belief that this is normal and necessary. But it’s not.

Human beings need love and connection to thrive. We need a social safety network to reduce our stress. We need shorter work days and more time for play, creativity, socializing and regeneration. We need an economic system based on meeting the needs of people and the Earth. We need an educational system that nurtures our children’s bodies and minds. We need clean air, clean water and healthy food. And we need to care for and love our earth.

We can’t wait till we convince the “powers that be.” We can start now. We can start treating ourselves differently, treating one another differently and treating our Earth differently. Young, old, sick or well, we can each have a part. Join us for a conversation where we look at how we are thinking and living. And we’ll ask ourselves:

·        What Do I Need?

·        What Do I Have to Give?

·        How Can We Share?

We at TheInnerRevolution.Org are fighting for a world that meets the needs of people and the Earth. Join us for our next conversation, where we face how we are hurting ourselves and one another and how we can change that NOW. This event will be led by Inner Rev founder Beth Green, also known as Granny Rocks: The Music & the Message.

Join us for this exciting conversation and musical performance. We’ll be holding the event in several locations in person and everywhere online. In San Diego, we will be gathering at the Church of the Brethren, 3850 Westgate Place. To RSVP in San Diego, contact If you are in Eugene, the meeting will be held at 470 Alexander Loop, Eugene, OR 97401. Contact Elizabeth, for more information. And if you are in Phoenix, contact For any other questions, or if you would like to join us online, please contact helen@theinnerrevolution.