Playing Nirvana - Improvised Solo Piano Music at the Intersection of the Human & the Divine

Monday @ 3:00 pm

Eugene, Oregon & Online

Improvisational Solo Piano music on a gorgeous piano. Check out the vibrational energy!

Gig Details

Venue Details

Online Anywhere Plus in Person at The Home of Granny Rocks/Beth Green and Sweet Baby James Spyglass Drive, Cal Young area
Eugene, Oregon & Online
541 600-8699
541 600-8699

Not only does Granny Rocks do Granny’s Place, a weekly live stream, where she combines commentary, humor and music using a digital keyboard, followed by a weekly discussion group that anyone can join, she also performs on the acoustic piano. Coming up is her first acoustic piano concert in Eugene. In fact, it’s her first piano concert ever. Join us!

If you love the experience of beautiful piano music, the vibrational energy that can transport you to another dimension, don’t miss Playing Nirvana, a collaboration between pianist Beth Green (aka Granny Rocks) and her piano Nirvana, a 7-foot world-class Shigeru Kawai grand.

As some of you know, Granny Rocks had been studying classical music until the age of 15, when she became chronically ill and had to stop. In her 50s, she was able to start composing using digital instruments and the computer, editing every note after she played it. She never thought she would play the piano again.

Then a few months ago at the age of 73, she started a miraculous journey back to the piano and she hasn’t stopped. She credits the divine with her ability to play the again, so she’s calling this event: Playing Nirvana at the Intersection of the Human and the Divine. One of the reasons Beth can play the piano is that she improvises and isn’t compelled to play what she cannot physically accomplish. The result is beautiful music that connects us to our deepest selves.

Join her for her first concert in Eugene at her home. She and her husband “Sweet Baby” James will be delighted for you to come, and James will open the the program by singing one of Granny’s original songs from her latest CD, Rumblings of Revolution. The CD will be a gift to you at the event. Thanks to the Eugene/Portland Piano Company, where Beth discovered Nirvana.

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