It's Not About Politics. It's About Pain!

Saturday @ 10:00 am

San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

Granny is continuing to rock on, and more and more people are tuning into the message. In person in San Diego, Eugene and Phoenix and online everywhere, Granny Rocks will once more be blending music and the message as she leads an inspiring conversation about how we can overcome divisions and come together for the good. Join us via videoconference, if you can't attend in person! This promises to be an exciting experience with beautiful music and wonderful caring.

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3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

TheInnerRevolution.Org is an organization founded by Beth Green, also known as Granny Rocks, and we focus on co-creating a world that meets the needs of people and the Earth. As we reach out through our Facebook page and social media, we are finding one simple reality: that while people may be divided around politics, they are pretty much united by pain.

People feel overworked, stressed and financially insecure. They feel worried about their futures, their children and parents, their safety. They feel worried about their own addictive behaviors, their health and climate change. And people are suffering: from a variety of physical and mental/emotional conditions, abuse, guilt about hurting or abusing others. People are suffering from social stigmatization, prejudice against their race, gender, gender identity, religion, disabilities and more. People are damaged: damaged by unhealthy living conditions, poor education and brutality of every kind.

We fight it out in the political arena without regard to one another’s humanity and the impact that different tax, welfare or social policies might have on the lives of others. It seems we have become more and more physically violent, even to the point of killing one another randomly. We are often hypocritical and suffer the pain of knowing that we are hypocrites.

Let’s end the war on ourselves and one another. Let’s stop focusing on politics and speak to one another.

Join us Saturday, January 6, 2018 where we change the conversation. Come to a meeting and speak about your pain, instead of your opinions. Let’s reach into each other’s hearts, and let’s start talking about our needs. Everyone is invited via videoconference, plus we’ll be having several meetings in person, including in San Diego, Eugene, Phoenix and possibly more. Contact helen@TheInnerRevolution.Org to learn how to join online and where you can attend in person. Or visit for more location details.