Fire & Flood: What Can We Do About It & More -- In Person in San Diego & Online Everywhere

Saturday @ 10:00 am

San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

Climate change is just one of the many symptoms of an economy and a society that does not attend to the needs of humanity or the earth. Let's change that.

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3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

Our world is consumed by overwork, stress, ambition, anxiety, addiction, poverty, competition and alienation, and it’s littered with discarded people and a devastated earth. Tough as it is, Granny Rocks says let’s wake up and fight for the world we want and can co-create.

Here’s a simple idea: The purpose of any economy is to create and exchange the goods and services we need so that we can sustain ourselves and nurture our children. And to be sustained, we need many things, including regeneration time, love and community, clean air, water and food, mental stimulation, healthcare, meaningful lives, a sense of value and a feeling of safety. But today’s economy is not about sustaining us and the earth that supports us. It’s about creating profit, which means we work harder for less, our livelihoods can be threatened by automation, everything and everyone is exploited and we’re even threatened by each others’ success.

Let’s start asking the real questions: What do we need? What do we have to offer? And how can we organize society so we all thrive?

Join us for an inspiring Granny Rocks Experience, where Granny, also known as Beth Green, offers insightful commentary, humor and her heartfelt original music that touches our hearts and brings us together. She’ll outline her perspective on the economy, our society and how we went so wrong. Plus she’ll point to a way for us to mobilize everyone for a better future. You can join us in person in San Diego, California or in a private home an hour east of Eugene, OR. Or you can join us live via the internet. When you come in person you’ll be gifted with a free CD of her latest album, Rumblings of Revolution, which will provide most of the music for this program.

The whole thing is free of charge, but donations would be welcome for the event and the CDs . Spread the word. And thanks, as always to the good people at the San Diego Church of the Brethren for hosting this event. The address is: 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105. For more information on how to join us in San Diego or online, contact For information on joining us in person in Oregon, contact