Granny Rocks' Bathe in Joy Opens the Speaker Portion of the International Day of Peace in San Diego

Sunday @ 3:00 pm

La Mesa, California

The Interfaith Council of La Mesa is a sponsoring the San Diego International Day of Peace Celebration, and Granny Rocks' song Bathe in Joy will be leading everyone into discussion. To be performed by Rozz Hopson of Rozz and the Renegades, with the original Granny Rocks backing track. And there's more.

Gig Details

Venue Details

7945 Morocco Drive
La Mesa, California 91942

Sponsored by the Interfaith Council of La Mesa, the 2017 Day of Peace Celebration in San Diego will host many groups who will be contributing to a day of fun, caring and celebration. Granny Rocks has been invited to participate by starting off the speakers’ program with the song Bathe in Joy. Because Granny Rocks is limited in her ability travel, the song will be performed by a wonderful vocalist, Rozz Hopson of Rozz and the Renegades. Also more of Granny’s music will be offered during the music hour.

Many groups will be joining together for this special event, including TheInnerRevolution.Org, the nonprofit founded by Granny Rocks under the name Beth Green. As part of the day, The InnerRevolution.Org will be leading cooperative games and will also host a table, where people can learn about the organization’s many activities and programs and watch a promotional video of the Granny Rocks Experience. People can also take a free copy of Rumblings of Revolution, Granny’s latest album, as well as The Gift of Peace, an album she made many years ago under the name Beth Green to promote peace in our hearts and our world. Visitors to the table can also see Beth’s books and other music CDs, which offer support to us all.

The event is free of charge, lasts from 3pm to 5 pm and all are welcome. It will be held in La Mesa, which is in the San Diego general area, at Aztec Park. Do come! Specific time details will follow when we get them.