Granny Performs at the Eugene Piano Company Grand Opening

Thursday @ 6:00 pm

Eugene, Oregon

Granny Rocks is joining David Nevue, pianist, to provide some beutiful piano music for the Grand Opening of the Eugene Piano Company! Come on down.

Gig Details

Venue Details

Eugene Piano Company 850 Conger Street
Eugene, Oregon 97402
541 600-0330
541 600-0330

The Eugene Piano Company has just moved into its fabulous new store, and they are holding their Grand Opening Thursday, September 27, 6-9 pm. There will be free refreshments and musical comradery. Mitch Paola, the owner of the prestigious Portland Piano and the Eugene Piano Company will be down for the festivities, and the store will be introduced by Tom Turner, the manager of the store and the driving force behind this beautiful new location.

In addition to hearing Granny Rocks, you will be enjoying a live performance by David Nevue, pianist, composer and the founder of Whisperings, an online solo piano station. And there may be others. Check out the new store and hear live music. All free of charge. Join us!