Granny Rocks Offers You the Gift of Peace for the Holidays -- Live Online & Via Recorded Video Afterwards

Sunday @ 6:00 pm

An opportunity for Granny Rocks to give back to her supporters, fans and comrades in love, Granny will be sharing her warmth and humor, plus playing her original live and pre-recorded music as her gift to us all for the holidays. Approximately an hour, available live online and later on video. Don't miss this opportunity for intimate time together. Sponsored by TheInnerRevolution.Org, founded by Granny under the name Beth Green. Check it out, too. www.TheInnerRevolution.Org.

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Never have we had more need for a sense of inner peace. Whether we are dealing with the chronic or acute stressors of our lives, the polarized and disturbing public discourse, violence in our world, upset about the state of our planet and humanity, or just the holiday mayhem, we all need to take a break, take a breath and tune into the deepest part of ourselves where peace lies. In this special broadcast, Granny Rocks will take us on an inner journey of music, meditation and magical connection, and she’s inviting you to be there live or via podcast. This will not be a videoconference. Instead it will be a broadcast from her studio and her heart.

Join us on YouTube Live Sunday, December 17, 6 pm Pacific time at The program will take about an hour. As always Granny’s words will be spontaneous and intuitively guided, and she will also be guided as to the music to play for us. As most of you know, Granny Rocks is also known as Beth Green, founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, and she’s been a stand for human consciousness and kindness her whole life. Just a few months ago, she came out as the musician Granny Rocks, launched this website and her Facebook page, and started featuring her new music under the name Granny Rocks, as well as the CDs she published before under the name Beth Green. Since launching, Granny Rocks, she has been out there a lot — connecting to new people and old friends and calling us all to consciousness. She’s a force for peace.

Who could not use more peace for the holidays? If you can’t watch the whole event live, tune in whenever you like. It will be broadcast live via YouTube Live. Plus the whole experience will be available on Granny’s YouTube channel, as well as Beth Green TV, sometime after the event. And she’ll be letting you know how to download her music free of charge.

Again, join us on:

Join us however you can! Sponsored by TheInnerRevolution.Org.