For a Change: Fighting for a World that Meets the Needs of People & the Earth - Online & In Person

Saturday @ 10:00 am

San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

Fresh off our exciting meeting earlier in September, we are continuing to mobilize people to fight for a society and economy based on the needs of people and the earth, instead of on short-term goals, money and profit. Led again by Granny Rocks, also known as Beth Green, we'll be offering a fascinating program where people with knowledge and experience share their preliminary vision of what that could look like. You can join us anywhere via the internet or in person in various locations, including San Diego, Eugene and Phoenix. And wherever we are, we'll be combining the music and the message.

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3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, Phoenix, Eugene & Online

TheInnerRevolution.Org is mobilizing people For a Change: We, humanity, are determined to care for ourselves on every level, including clean water, air and food; meaningful work; time for rest and regeneration; opportunities for mental development; a connection with nature; love and a feeling of safety, including financial security. And we can accomplish this, if we wake up to the problem and start making regeneration and reproduction our goal. Impossible? What’s the option?

For a Change: Fighting For a Society that Meets the Needs of People & the Earth – What That Could Look Like! In Person in Various Locations & Online Anywhere

Our socio/economic system has lost its real purpose: to provide for the needs of people and the earth. Recently folks from around the nation met in person and via the internet to confront this issue head on. And now we’re inviting you to a follow-up meeting on Saturday, September 30, 10-noon, in person at various locations, as well as on the internet anywhere. At this meeting, we’ll start envisioning how we might reorganize our actions and our thinking in order to meet the needs of people and the earth.

Our Basic Premise: To survive and thrive, every society needs to regenerate its members (us) and the earth on which we depend, and it needs to ensure the existence of future generations. But we’re not doing it. Instead, we’ve gotten waylaid by the overemphasis on profit and short-term me-based goals. That is what has turned our society upside down. Is there another way?

Yes, and that’s what we’ll start addressing on Saturday, September 30th. During this program, concerned and informed people will be sharing preliminary ideas in areas of their expertise, including:

  • A nursing director at a health complex will talk about the delivery of healthcare
  • A therapist with over 30 years of experience will talk about mental health services
  • An upper level insurance executive will talk about a new vision for the insurance industry
  • A public relations executive will discuss new ways to use communication skills and networks
  • A teacher and a state-level administrator will talk about educating our kids
  • A passionate advocate will talk about the potential of artificial intelligence

Join us! It may seem daunting to confront the way we operate in the world, but nothing else has worked, so what have we got to lose? All are invited. Whether you’re a janitor, housewife, white collar worker, bus driver or president of a tech firm, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or other, whether you’re rich or poor, whatever your race, religion or immigration status, we are all hurting and we can join together to change our world from the inside out.

This event will be facilitated by the founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, Beth Green aka Granny Rocks, who integrates her music with her message. Don’t miss it. And bring your friends. Everyone is invited via videoconference, plus we’ll be having several meetings in person, including in San Diego, Eugene, Phoenix and possibly more. Contact helen@TheInnerRevolution.Org to learn how to join online and where you can attend in person.