Creativity as a Way of Life -- Granny Leads a Weekend Retreat in Person & Online

Saturday @ 10:00 am

A great opportunity to be coached by Granny Rocks to unleash your creativity -- not just in the arts, but in your very way of living. Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12th, starting at 10 am Saturday and ending around 6 pm Sunday. In person in San Diego and Upriver East of Eugene. Online Anywhere!

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Escondido, CA; McKenzie River, OR Contact us for details

In June 2017, TheInnerRevolution.Org held an astoundingly transformational retreat called Creativity as a Way of Life. Many of us had thought of creativity as being related to the arts. But that weekend, we threw off those confines and embraced a broader definition of creativity, namely:

Creativity is the process of engaging in life by following an imperative within us instead of  following a well-worn path.

And we not only talked about it; we did it. We busted through our well-worn paths and unleashed our creativity in many arenas of our lives, not just that weekend but even after. In fact, our unleashed creativity continues to revolutionize our lives to this day. Click here to watch a video made by one of our retreatants. It was her first ever “movie,” and it captures the spirit of the event: the sense of community, support and joy! The background music is by Granny Rocks, our retreat facilitator.

Our next retreat will be devoted to further embracing our creativity wherever it takes us, which includes thinking about and addressing our true needs, instead of being stuck in mindless tradition. Don’t miss out. You are invited, whether you attended the first one or not. Just bring an open mind, an open heart and an openness to co-creating a different future for yourself, your loved ones and the planet. And, if you like, bring instruments, cameras, supplies for arts or crafts, paper, a hammer, your dreams, anything you want to bring. You may be using these supplies, or you might share them with others. Who knows?

Once again, our retreat will be intuitively guided by our founder Granny Rocks, also known as Beth Green, who has been living creatively for a long time and loves sharing that gift with us. Not only will she guide the retreat, she will also be offering a live Granny Rocks experience on Saturday night, where she’ll combine her original music with her commentary and humor. The theme and the music will be a surprise to her as well as us!

The main retreat locations will be a private home in Escondido, CA and a home right on the powerful McKenzie River in the forest and in the aura of beautiful mountains in Oregon. However, you can also participate online from anywhere. Hope to see you!

The cost is $267, which does not include the cost of lodging or food. For further details, please contact Helen Hillix at (760) 990-9053 or To register, visit