Co-Creating the Life We Want -- Granny Leads a Weekend Retreat in Person & Online

Saturday @ 10:00 am

Eugene, OR, Escondido, CA & Online Anywhere

A weekend of wonder and creativity led by Granny Rocks, who is an intuitively-guided counselor, author and workshop leader in addition to musician and host of Granny's Place. All are invited!

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Private Home, McKenzie Bridge, OR, Escondido California and Online Private Home, McKenzie Bridge, OR, Escondido California and Online
Eugene, OR, Escondido, CA & Online Anywhere

Co-Creating the Life We Want: A Weekend Retreat Where We Are Supported to Be Who We Really Are

When given a choice to be kind or hateful, most people would choose kindness. Let’s co-create a world where that is possible.

It’s true. Given a choice to be kind or hateful, most people would choose kindness. So then why is our society so stressful, angry, competitive and even abusive? Because we WOULD choose kindness if we could, but our world doesn’t make that choice easy. Instead, we feel compelled to compete — for attention, love, jobs, money, a seat on the bus, political power and success. Us vs. them. Money vs. the environment. We feel that we HAVE to make choices with hurtful consequences to everyone including ourselves. Fear, guilt, denial, anger, sometimes our negative feelings even explode, as we are seeing in our nation today.

What would happen if we co-created a world where our needs would be met? Find out by attending Co-Creating the Life We Want. At this weekend retreat, we will:
• Change our social environment and watch how those changes change us
• Learn where we are most vulnerable to competing and see ourselves behaving differently
• Empower ourselves to continue evolving and increasingly help our world evolve as well

Change is possible. At TheInnerRevolution.Org we have already co created a community based on love, self-awareness and healing, and while not perfect, we have clear intention and powerful tools and processes that work. At this retreat, we’d like to share what we’ve learned and we intend to continue learning and growing right alongside you.

So join us! The main retreat location is a private home right on the powerful McKenzie River in the forest and in the aura of beautiful mountains east of Eugene, OR. If you can’t attend at that location, you can also participate in San Diego or online from anywhere.

The cost of the entire weekend is $267, which does not include lodging or food. For further details, please contact Todd Benton at (760) 613-6761 or at To register, visit Location details, housing and food options and all other pertinent information will be emailed to you upon registration. The hours will be approximately 10 am Pacific on Saturday to 6 pm Sunday.

Co-Creating the Life We Want will be led by our founder, Beth Green, aka Granny Rocks. Beth is a remarkable visionary, intuitive counselor, author of six books and innumerable videos, the star of Granny’s Place, composer of four albums of music, a facilitator who walks the talk and is herself in a never-ending process of evolution. Hope you join us!