Hear Your Soul in Music; Express Your Soul in Movement — an Interactive Piano & Dance Experience

If you have an adventurous spirit and an open heart, you will love this event. Beth Green is an intuitively-guided improvisational pianist, and she can really connect to the deepest parts of us. In this program, we gather via Zoom videoconference and we interact and support one another. You request a theme that is meaningful to you — it could be a mood, a season or just you. And Beth will connect to you and to the theme, and she will improvise piano music that reflects you on the inside. And not only can you listen, you are encouraged to dance or move freely to the music. In fact, all participants will be dancing during the entire event, whenever and however they wish.

We did a similar event in September, and it was fantastic. People were moved, transformed. So we’re doing it again! Come join us, and invite your friends. When you purchase your ticket, we will immediately send you a confirmation. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.

In order for you to attend, you will need a special Zoom conference link. I’ll send it to you some time after you buy your ticket. (We can’t send out a link too early or it will expire, so please be patient.) At the time of the event, you just click on this special Zoom link, and there you are — you’ll be with us!

The price is $10.00 and you should be able to pay in your local currency. You also have the option to pay $15, if you so choose. Please choose the price that feels right to you.

In any case, we are so excited about seeing you there and sharing a beautiful and healing experience. Join us and invite your friends.