Granny Rocks Never Gives Up

Here’s the story of Beth and her recent breakthrough: being able to play the piano again after 58 years!

What gives people the idea that life is over when obstacles and difficulties show up? How do some people keep going even in the face of difficult circumstances and never give up?

See if it doesn’t inspire you too. Never giving up can be a way of life, as it is for Granny.

As of 2019, Beth Green — also known as Granny Rocks — has been chronically ill for 59 years. She was being trained as a classical pianist, when, at the age of 15, she became extremely ill and, until now, she was unable to play the piano or do music again. In her mid-50s, electronic instruments became available and she started to be able to occasionally compose music using a computer. But she still couldn’t play an instrument. Every time she tried, she became even more crippled. She felt hopeless.

In the meantime, despite chronic illness, pain, fatigue and disability, Beth found a way to make a contribution to the world through her amazing intuition. She became and author, counselor, speaker and more, always battling her weakness and disabilities. And then, in 2018, at the age of 73, Beth felt intuitively guided to buy a piano. On faith, she and her husband went for it and bought a beautiful grand piano which she was afraid she would never play.

We have all been stunned at the results — especially Beth. She discovered that she has an amazing ability to improvise on the spot. She may not be able to play classical pieces she loves, but she is spontaneously and intuitively playing gorgeous music that moves our souls. Despite her disabilities, she performs live concerts at home and livestreams a weekly program of solo piano improvisations: Dreams of Peace, intuitively-guided piano improvisations that she offers the world every Thursday at 7 pm Pacific time on her Facebook page. She even intuits personal songs for people. More information on all these offerings on her website:

Fifty-eight years after she had to quit playing the piano, Beth feels like she has returned home and she hopes you do the same.

Watch all her videos — music and spoken — on her YouTube channel Granny Rocks TV, and check out her Facebook page, She streams music and commentary on her Facebook page several times a week, and she would love for you to say hi.