The Green Team

Beth has a great team around her, consisting of a few dedicated people who make up her core team and then many others who carry the message, take on specific tasks and spread awareness of her work. If you would like to join them, please contact You can always support this work informally by “liking” her page and videos and sharing them with your friends. Tell people about her Facebook page,, and her YouTube channel Granny Rocks TV!

Plus you can always make a donation, large or small. Donations are tax-deductible. Click here for more information.

Meet Our Core Team

Todd Benton

Like many young adults, while I was in college, I began a journey of transformation. It started with reading Alan Watts, who popularized Zen Buddhism for Westerners. It crescendoed with a weekend workshop that introduced me to the notion and felt experience of transformation. In that workshop, I was touched by my connection to the whole, by the inherent unity and interconnectedness of humanity and all of life. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t able to sustain that fundamental truth and make it the essence of my thinking and behavior. In fact, for most of the 20 years following that experience, my transformation was focused on me: how I could get ahead, how “impressive” my transformation made me, how I needed to take care of myself and my small sphere of friends and family, and protect myself by not challenging myself or others to confront business as usual. I thought I was transformed, and although I did help people, for far too much of the time I was dominated by instinct and ego: by platitudes, by being liked and validated, by disconnection, fear, self-righteousness and self-loathing.

About 15 years ago, my story began to change when I was introduced to Beth Green. She firmly, yet compassionately confronted me on my bullshit, helped me to see into my past and understand and heal the sense of separation that was at the core of my dysfunctions. As a result, I am now honest about my shortcomings and strengths and I’ve put relating at the center of my life. I am now trying to be as effective an agent of change as I can — in our men’s group, in the parent group that I lead at my son’s high school and everywhere else.

I am happy to contribute my talents and passion to the Beth Green Team, whether that is promoting Beth’s music, retreats, programs and more, sharing my “jack of all trades” skills regarding anything technological and being a positive influence on our team.

Professionally, I work as a website designer and marketing consultant helping individuals and small businesses create and grow their home on the web.

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James Maynard

Since my early 20s (I am now in my 70s), I have been on a path of personal growth that has combined therapeutic processes and spiritual practices, such as meditation. I have also worked as a transpersonal hypnotherapist, having run trainings for my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute since 1986 and authored the book, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: New Horizons in Hypnosis for Transcending Personal Frontiers – all toward helping people to heal from their own traumas. When I met Beth in 2010, I discovered that she was on a similar path, but more connected with a higher consciousness and wise guidance that she could bring to any situation, whether it be in intuitive counseling or in creating music. Also, since I have been a musician since early childhood and have performed publicly as a singer and trumpet player over the years, I have a great appreciation for the high level of musicianship that Beth brings, as well. I wholeheartedly support her work in all its aspects, for I have been greatly enriched by it. Of course, it helps that I experience the consciousness and caring that she manifests on a daily basis as my partner in life! As a part of Beth’s Team, I offer whatever support is needed, from promotion to being her personal assistant.  As a chronically ill and disabled person, Beth needs all the help she can get!

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Lizzy Treeheart

In my first intuitive counseling session with Beth Green, we worked together to uncover and heal deep emotional pain to a depth and breadth which fifteen years of traditional counseling never addressed. With laser-point precision, she discovers what’s “really going on”; bringing deeply buried and guarded emotions to the surface to begin recovery. Beth’s wisdom and ability to see the whole picture are characteristics I haven’t experienced with other counselors.

I am inspired to help her utilize social media to spread the word about how she is working to change humanity’s destructive patterns. 

I work to better myself, with Beth’s support; to be truly honest with myself and others, to become more myself, to learn how to relate, and help me reach my potential.  She is my mentor in developing my intuition so I may support others. This  includes my work as a holistic physical therapist where I incorporate intuitive training.  This allows me to employ inclusive techniques which promotes a healthier get better, body, mind, and spirit.

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Lily on the Left and Mojo on the Right — Some of my core team members!

Beth knows we are in this together. Trying to build a better world, one song, one counseling session, one vibration at a time!