About Us

What Is The Stream Center for the New Spirituality?

The Stream is a spiritual community and non-profit organization — a living laboratory that helps people make the transition from being “ego centered” to being “Oneness centered.”At The Stream, we believe that there is only one problem: the current state of human consciousness – our tendency toward short-term, me-based thinking which is based on the incorrect instinctive notion that our highest good is served by serving only ourselves and our limited circle, rather than supporting the greater whole, of which we are a part.

We have proven tools and programs (many of which are free) to help human consciousness evolve into the reality of our oneness and live it on a daily basis. These teachings, tools, practices and programs embody The New Spirituality and its three main components:

  • Deep personal and collective healing
  • A practical guide to Oneness consciousness
  • Support to achieve true integration with an evolving God.

Listed below is a summary of some of our offerings.

  • The Living with Reality Book. This book offers the core teachings of our work, nine platforms — ways of thinking and being — that are concrete, real, achievable and life-changing. There is a book and free book study mutual support program to get us there. And, if you really want to accelerate your ability to live the principles and practices outlined in the book, consider signing up for Consciousness Boot Camp, which is fully available via the Internet.
  • Intuitively Guided Counseling. Heal the roots of self-limitations with short, powerful sessions with Beth Green.
  • Supports for the Body, Mind & Spirit. Improve your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through our intuitively-guided food plans, LifeForce Inner Workouts, mutual support calls, a monthly spiritual service, and transformational music, books and DVDs.
  • Retreats, Trainings & Workshops. Develop your capacities to understand yourself and help others through developing your intuition through our Intuition Training program. Explore parenting, sex and spirituality, the nature of money and other topics through ongoing and periodic training and workshops.

Our programs work, and our community is growing. Join us. Volunteer. Study, learn and teach others! Inspire and be inspired. Help co-create the world we have always longed for.

Who is The Stream?

IHT 494 CroppedWe are a group of people who have found themselves pulled between inspiration and fear and who increasingly have chosen inspiration. Like many of you, we have at times felt the call to follow a courageous path, to help co-create the world we want. But we have needed each other’s support and the inspiration of spiritual leadership to commit ourselves to what our hearts have always desired, and that is a world based on oneness, co-creation and mutual support.

The manifestation of that commitment is The Stream, a community dedicated to redefining what it means to be human, helping ourselves and each other. We’d like to share with you some of our journey, and we invite you to join us: to co-create with us a powerful, energized Stream, fully-inspired, fully-determined, and fully-effective.

On our home page, we shared where we are now. On this page, we share how we got here.

Early History

The Stream as an organization was founded in 1983 by Beth Green. In the early 1980’s, The Stream was committed to bringing together psychology, new age spirituality and 12-step recovery. The Stream was a pioneering mutual support organization, based in Los Angeles and San Diego, and attracted therapists and lay people alike. At that time, Beth was channeling higher consciousness and she started writing papers and creating tapes on Loving Ourselves, God & Others: Introduction to the Healing of God; Spirituality: The Last Block to Freedom; and The Alienation of Love. She also gave public talks on topics such as Hope: the Magic Elixir and Healing the Healers, which called upon those of us involved in healing modalities to examine our own behaviors and addictions.

In some ways, The Stream flourished; we offered individual intuitively-guided self-awareness counseling, regular groups, four-day intensives, retreats, a food group and gatherings large and small.  But neither Beth nor the original members were  ready for the vision of mutual support and equality that Beth cherished. There was much more to learn before that could be manifested, so The Stream disbanded in 1986.

1999 Until Today

In 1999, while living in Oregon, Beth Green was guided once again to found The Stream, but this time with a new philosophy of organization — much looser and more free-flowing, more in line with her spiritual path, The Path of Not-Knowing. In the fall of 2001, with the support of many wonderful people, Beth moved back to Southern California, where a new adventure began. The Stream was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization later that year and has grown and flourished ever since.

In 2002, Beth published Sacred Union: The Healing of God, a book about oneness and the integration of God’s consciousness, and a new audio recording, The Healing of God: Integrating God’s Fragments, and she began to address larger social issues from a spiritual perspective. For example, prior to the invasion of Iraq , she was interviewed extensively on national and local radio programs about her book and the need to bring the consciousness of oneness into our political choices.

At the same time, Beth began to develop The Living with Reality book, which teaches us how to fulfill our potential by bringing oneness consciousness into our everyday lives, while at the same time, supporting the collective to do the same. The nine platforms, or practices of Living with Reality, are: Becoming Oneness, Differentiated, Co-Creative, Mutually Supportive, Self-Aware, Integrated, Accountable, Not-Knowing and Becoming. These platforms are realized through the development of practical, down-to-earth habits, using effective tools and techniques that transform our consciousness and behavior. These programs work and are being practiced in our families and businesses, in science and education, in every aspect of our lives. And these are the practices that are sorely needed on our planet in this time and in all times.

Through this transformational work, The Stream has found its power and its purpose, which is to help people connect directly to The Source, so that we can fulfill our potential as individuals and as a collective.

Many of us have been inspired by social, political or religious movements, only to find them riddled with ego and corruption. In the human heart, there remains, however, a longing for inspiration to transcend our narrow selves, but we are afraid of one more disappointment. If we are to inspire people, if we are to win their trust, we need to be absolutely consistent and full of integrity. People need to  see that no matter the challenges we face, we always stand for becoming self-aware and healing from trauma, so that we may liberate ourselves from ego and embrace higher consciousness. We may not always know exactly what to do, but our intention will always come through.

— Beth Green, Founder, The Stream