Should I Sign Up and How?

Our times are challenging, but we are up for it. If we can learn new paradigms, if we can get the emotional clearing and energetic support to live from oneness, if we can learn how to heal ourselves and others, we can be amazing change agents. Consciousness Boot Camp is a comprehensive program to achieve these goals. It is based on the transformational experience of hundreds of people. Join us!

We invite you to look further into this program or to sign up now. If you sign up for the Boot Camp starting in September 2013, you will be able to attend all the weekend one-day workshops in person, if you wish. Otherwise the weekend trainings will be available only online. So if you want to be part of the live weekend workshops, if you want that in-person training, and if you are willing to be recorded throughout the year, please be sure to sign up to start in September 2013 and plan to come in person to our gorgeous retreat center in North County San Diego, California. People who join after September can start their training any time they wish, but the trainings will have already been recorded during the in-person workshops and thus will be available only in recorded form and via the internet.

Here’s How to Sign Up:

Sign up is easy. To learn about the different program options, please visit What’s the Cost?

Whichever version of the program you choose, you can pay a few different ways. You can use a credit card or bank draft and prepay for the whole program, you can authorize monthly deductions via PayPal or set up online bill pay through your bank (our preferred method, since there is no cost to you or us). Just click here to sign up. If you have questions, please call Todd Benton at (760) 731-4855 or email him at toddbenton [at]

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