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If you take a look, you’ll notice that Beth hasn’t changed a bit!

Today, Beth is focused on supporting the emergence of a new spirituality on earth, one that unites rather than divides us, focuses on healing on all levels — body, mind and spirit – teaches us how to live in Oneness consciousness and connects us to a ”God” that is not perfect and static, but evolving, a “God” who is not really a God from which we are divided, but rather the totality of the universe, which is integral to us and of which we are an integral part. She calls this The New Spirituality, and her life’s work has been to develop the concepts, processes and practices that support this new spirituality to emerge. See the website of The Stream Center for The New Spirituality to learn more about it. And tune into her new internet radio show, InsideOut, to see it in action.

Beth has always been a revolutionary. Born in 1945, she became a social activist at the age of nine, this despite the repressive political environment of McCarthyism. Already at that young age, she espoused unpopular causes, hoping to help alleviate inhumanity and suffering. In 1961, at the age of 16, she wrote a heart-felt letter to the New York Times calling us to consciousness about nuclear proliferation. The letter was published around the world and led to her expulsion from an Ivy League college, which she was attending on scholarship. Nevertheless, she remained a devoted activist, intensely participating in the anti-Vietnam War movement and a variety of other struggles for social and economic justice. Her last political commitment was as the West Coast coordinator of the Wages for Housework campaign 1974-1978, advocating the social empowerment of women through their economic equality.

After many years of devotion to social revolution, Beth had a spiritual awakening in 1978 at the age of 33 and a psychic awakening two years later. Since that time, she has been guided by an inner voice and a total devotion to authentic spirituality. Having turned her focus to the inner revolution, Beth in no way lessened her concern for the wellbeing and evolution of others. In 1983, she founded The Stream, now called The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, a nonprofit educational organization. Over the years, The Stream went through many changes and evolutions and now is a thriving community of people practicing the principles and processes Beth has been guided to offer.

Beth lends her energy to her world. She has a phenomenal intuitive gift which guides everything she does, from counseling individuals to leading workshops, to writing books and music, to all the choices she makes moment to moment in her life. She has profound spiritual power, and the impact of her work with clients is deep and permanent transformation, which allows them to reach their potential and become a greater blessing to others. She has brought compassionate healing to her many clients and taught hundreds of people how to develop their intuition, connect to higher guidance and build mutually supportive communities.

In addition, Beth’s teaching and healing modalities are original, innovative and geared to transforming, not only the individual, but the collective of which we are a part. In fact through all her work as a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor and consultant, author, composer, workshop leader, speaker, and now internet radio host and more, Beth has confronted our me-based, destructive and self-destructive patterns and called us to a higher consciousness. She has done so with understanding and compassion and tools that work. Her favorite saying is “I am that!” because she discloses her own inner process and challenges whenever she teaches and shares.

Through the years as a teacher and counselor, since 1980 Beth has intuitively developed a variety of healing modalities, collective and individual. In 2005, she developed LifeForce, the Inner Workout, an innovative mind-body-spirit exercise program available free on the internet. In 2010, she and fellow Stream member Todd Benton formed a consulting firm, Reality for a Change, whose purpose is to bring higher consciousness into business.  In 2011, she and her partner James Maynard developed an integrative counseling modality that combines intuition and hypnotherapy, and they have instituted a program to teach this modality to others.And she and her partner James have also co-founded several innovative consciousness training programs including Consciousness Boot Camp, which is a powerful several-year transformational program including healing, learning, training and service. Around the same time, she and James co-founded  the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, which is the educational branch of The Stream. Taking advantage of 21st century technology, Beth works with people through videoconferencing, and most of her programs can be accessed through the internet as well as online.

Beth at Buddha’s Retreat at Streamhaven, the home she shares with James and The Stream.

In addition to her healing and training programs, Beth has published 5 books, two fiction and 3 non-fiction, composed and performed 3 music CDs, has developed dozens of workshops on topics as diverse as sex & spirituality, money and food, and has taught people processes that really help them transform. In 1992 she founded the Spiritual Activist Movement, whose purpose was to unite people around three basic spiritual principles, and she frequently speaks out on social and political issues in a way that confronts us all. She offers many free teaching videos on the ForUnity channel of You Tube. And now she is inaugurating InsideOut, a very exciting internet radio program that will be challenging us to be real and to rethink everything.

Beth’s work is becoming known internationally. For example, she was one of only 28 luminaries in the fields of science and spirituality to be included in The New Science & Spirituality Reader, co-edited by Kingsley Dennis and Prof. Ervin Laszlo, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. Beth’s articles, columns and blogs have appeared in a variety of venues, such as Awareness, Light of Consciousness, The Life Connection and Vision magazines and The San Diego News Network, where she was a regular columnist. She is a frequent blogger on The Huffington Post and has a monthly column, plus videos, on the recently launched print and online version of The LifeConnection. Beth is also a dynamic speaker and has been interviewed over 100 times in the media around the country.

Beth’s teachings are unique, and her books offer fascinating perspectives on spirituality. The Authobiography of Mary Magdalene highlights a different perspective on Jesus and the Crucifixion. Sacred Union: The Healing of God presents a very different kind of god, one who is accessible and evolving. God’s Little Aphorisms is a delightful collection of one-liners from The Source. Memoirs of the New Age is a book of short stories, fables, poems and prayers which illuminate and help heal our relationship to the divine. And in 2012, Beth published her fifth book, Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be; How We Get There. A 688-page manual for accelerated evolution, Living with Reality gives a comprehensive overview of human consciousness and how it can transform, including practical tools and process that help people evolve. Like all her other books, Living with Reality is available through Amazon.com, but it can also be accessed as a free download through this website. (See icons on right.)

Sasha (the white one) and Mojo were inseparable. Sasha passed in June 2013, and Mojo carries on offering love and support to us all.

Beth’s vast life experience coupled with her spiritual connection bring her a unique take on our lives and our world. But perhaps the most astonishing fact about this gifted, prolific woman is this: For over 50 years, Beth has dealt with chronic debilitating illness (she became chronically ill at the age of 15). If you question Beth as to how she has faced her many obstacles and been able to keep up her spirits, she will tell you her secrets:

  1. She cares. Her desire to help others and her never-ceasing thirst to develop more effective healing modalities have propelled her on a path to her own evolution.
  2. Her optimism. Never daunted by obstacles, Beth always believes the best is yet to come.
  3. Her community. To thrive, we all need support, plus challenges to our egos. The Stream provides Beth with both!
  4. Her connection to higher consciousness.

Beth Green is powered by the universe and Divine energy, and she wants to help others have that privilege and responsibility, as well. If you think she can be of service to you or your community, contact her. For information on some of her upcoming workshops, check out The Stream Center for The New Spirituality.

Beth currently lives with her husband and partner James at Streamhaven, a beautiful natural sanctuary in North San Diego County, where they do their work. She and James found each other at Christmas, 2010. It’s a joyous time in both their lives.


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