Spiritual Teaching & The Power of Reality

Only by facing reality can we solve our personal and social problems. And spirituality should help us do just that.

Since 1980, Beth Green has been intuitively guided to create an amazing multiplicity of teachings, processes and healing modalities that support us as individuals and as a collective. You can read about them here on this website, and you are invited to take advantage of whatever meets your needs.

But beyond that, Beth today is focusing even more urgently on our individual and collective tendency to avoid reality and escape into delusional thinking, and she's inviting you to join with her to confront this challenge. Like many others, Beth sees that we are past the eleventh hour about climate change, religious intolerance, and beliefs and behaviors that are imperiling ourselves, one another and our planet. And so Beth is working tirelessly to help wake us up to reality through her teachings, classes, trainings, radio, videos, music and written materials.

Beth believes that we need spirituality more than ever , but spirituality is not a set of dogmas and beliefs, scriptures and prejudices. It is a sense of wonder and a personal connection to one another and the Divine wisdom and energies available to us. Connected to ourselves, one another and the Divine, we have the courage and compassion required to look at ourselves deeply, examine our beliefs and patterns and make the changes needed to co-create a more nurturing and sustainable world.

Beth is a powerful intuitive and an original thinker who has a lot to offer our troubled world. Take advantage of her free e-book, Living with Reality, which you can get right here for signing up for her newsletter. Tune into her music and her radio show, InsideOut, watch Beth Green TV and her many powerful videos on YouTube, read her writings, participate with her LIVE through workshops, the Beth Green School of Intuitive Counseling and the on-going program Consciousness Boot Camp. You can talk to her personally by calling into her radio program, InsideOut on VoiceAmerica.com. And you can also book a private consultation with her for a powerful personal intervention. (You'll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself in Fifteen Minutes with Beth.) Also check out Beth's community, The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, which offers a great environment for honesty, reality-based spirituality and deep emotional and spiritual support.

It is time for a new spirituality -- one that incorporates healing, training and common sense -- and time for a renewed commitment for all of us to face reality together and with faith. Life really is a struggle, but with tools, healing and support, we can face it together with an optimal level of grace. Let's do it, and let's do it now!