Spiritual Teaching & The Power of Reality

Since 1980, Beth Green has been intuitively guided to create an amazing multiplicity of teachings, processes and healing modalities that support individuals and the collective. Now she feels the urgency to focus on confronting our collective tendency to avoid reality and escape into delusional thinking.

Why? Like many others, Beth sees that we are past the eleventh hour about climate change, religious intolerance, and beliefs and behaviors that are imperiling ourselves, one another and our planet. And Beth is helping promote that wake-up call through her teachings, classes, trainings, radio, TV, music and written materials.

Beth asserts that, more than ever, we need spirituality -- the sense of wonder and the connection to Divine wisdom and energies. But spirituality must be linked with common sense and must no longer be used to escape reality.

Beth is not your usual intuitive or spiritual teacher. Grounded in reality, and powered by The Source, you will see the difference.

This website describes her many and varied offerings, including her free e-book, Living with Reality, which you can get right here for signing up for her newsletter. Tune into her music and her radio show, InsideOut, watch Beth Green TV and her many powerful videos, read her writings, participate live with her in her workshops, her School of Intuitive Counseling and on-going program Consciousness Boot Camp. You can also talk to her personally through her radio program, InsideOut, or via a private consultation.

It is time for a new spirituality -- one that incorporates healing, training and common sense. On this website, you'll also be able to find out more when you explore The Stream Center for the New Spirituality, Beth's community. In The Stream, you'll find more reality and support than you could ever have imagined.

Friends, whether you are an atheist or a devotee of the highest spiritual teachings, there is something here for you. Let's come together and turn ourselves around. It's not too late, but it's about time!