Outer revolution focuses on confronting someone or something outside ourselves. Inner revolution focuses on confronting ourselves, healing ourselves and then helping co-create a world that is more humane, sustainable and mutually supportive. Our world needs nothing less than an inner revolution. We need to question everything: our personal assumptions, social and political institutions, ways of relating to one another and the earth, spiritual beliefs, healing modalities, the way we think and more. And we have to be willing to change it all. Once a social radical, Beth Green is now an inner revolutionary. And she is calling us to join her. Are you part of the inner revolution? Do you want to see the world change from the inside out? There’s no time for self-doubt and despair. Let’s support one another to change ourselves, so that, together, we can change our world.

What Is the Inner Revolution?

For many of us, the urge to change the world came at a young age. We saw suffering in our families, neighborhoods and world, and we wanted to do something about it. Perhaps we went toward protests and activism, but then got fed up with the anger and polarization we experienced in the movement. Perhaps we discovered that no matter what we tried to fix, there were infinitely more problems, and often the fixes weren’t realistic and didn’t work. And many of us noticed that WE had a lot of work to do on ourselves.

This caused generations of us to look within. We turned to therapy, the human potential movement, New Age/New Thought spirituality, 12-step programs, religion, meditation, yoga, even medication to change our own reactivity. But even that wasn’t enough, because, as many of us discovered, there is no personal salvation. We may quit drugs, but a cocaine addict can still hit us on the freeway; no matter how evolved we are, our daughter may be raped and permanently damaged; no matter how much we meditate, our weather is becoming more extreme, just like everyone else’s. And the suffering continues.

At TheInnerRevolution.org, we believe that to alleviate suffering on this planet, we need to change ourselves AND our world, and our community has experience doing just that. We are offering a Roadmap to the Inner Revolution. We have programs and trainings that support us to:

1. Heal ourselves psychologically, so that we have the greatest level of wellbeing available to us, which in turn gives us the emotional foundation for becoming less fear-based and open to positive change. Check out our healing programs.

2. Embrace a liberating spirituality that gives us access to higher consciousness, while simultaneously ending shame and incorporating common sense. Check out The New Spirituality.

3. Throw out our own old ideas and ego-based approaches, fearlessly confronting stagnant traditional and often hierarchical approaches to everything from the spiritual, to the political; from the way we make decisions, to the way we treat the earth. Plus intervene with our world in the same way, challenging “the way things are,” while simultaneously acknowledging our oneness and the accountability we all have, including ourselves. Check out our videos, books, radio show and blogs. And check out our ongoing support systems.

4. Train others, so that the ranks of inner revolutionaries can grow and grow. Check out our various Training Programs.

Please consider joining us. Use our services, spread our information and consider enrolling in our training programs. Call into InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, Beth Green’s radio show.Subscribe to our newsletter, and get a free PDF of Living with Reality, Beth’s comprehensive guide to the inner revolution, individually and collectively. Pass on our blogs when they come out, and share the videos on Beth Green TV.“Like” them and take a stand for the Inner Revolution. Make a tax-deductible donation to The Stream, our non-profit parent organization. Bring us your talents, your energy and your ideas. And bring the Inner Revolution into your world, just as we are.

Somewhere inside us, we are still the children we were, children who suffered for the suffering of ourselves AND others. We may have become discouraged over the years, but let’s not stop there. We can all see signs of change, change from the inside out. To support and deepen that change, we need to galvanize this movement with the clarity of unified vision and the support of organization. Let’s do it together. If you feel as we do, TheInnerRevolution.org can be a home for you. Please join us in whatever way you can.