Spiritual Guidance & Healing with Beth Green

Since 1980, Beth Green has been offering spiritual guidance, teaching and healing through an amazing multiplicity of modalities. She is a counselor and spiritual teacher, with exceptional intuitive insight into people as individuals and into humanity as a collective.

She is the author of 5 books and many blogs and articles. She’s a composer and author of 3 CDs of original music, a workshop leader, founder of the Beth Green School of Intuitive Counseling, leader of the ongoing program Consciousness Boot Camp, the host of InsideOut Radio and creator of Beth Green TV & Radio, a YouTube network featuring her videos. She is also the founder of The Stream Center for the New Spirituality, a living laboratory for working collectively toward living Oneness consciousness and a source of support for all interested in this endeavor. And virtually all the activities of Beth and The Stream are available via the internet.

Beth Green’s teachings are practical and down-to-earth, yet profound. They gain their power through her ability to combine spiritual energies with her astounding insight and intuition, and her original spiritual teachings that are fresh and relevant to the 21st century.
While her modalities are diverse, her message is unified. She calls it The New Spirituality. It has three simple tenets, and Beth and her students offer programs that support them all.

1. We need to heal on the levels of body, mind and spirit. No aspect of us is more important than the other, and without wellbeing on all levels, it is extremely difficult to be happy, relaxed and of service to others.
2. We need to be taught to live in Oneness. We are all born with egos, and we need deep healing and re-education to relax into a new relationship with ourselves, one another and life itself. In fact, we need an evolved relationship with the ego itself.
3. We and “God” are One in the process of evolution. There is no perfect God, separate and above us. Because of that, there is no shame for being human. Nor is there any arrogance, because we individually are not God. Consciousness itself is evolving and we are part of that evolution.

Check out this website, enjoy its offerings and see if Beth, The New Spirituality and The Stream don’t have a part to play in your own spiritual guidance, growth and evolution.