Beth Green is spearheading a campaign to promote a new spirituality, one which:

  • connects spirituality with common sense
  • unites, rather than divides us
  • emphasizes healing and wellbeing on all levels — body, mind and spirit
  • trains us to live in Oneness consciousness
  • overturns hierarchy on all levels, including “God”
  • embraces co-creation with one another and the Divine in the process of evolution. 

The New Spirituality exists through action! Click here to learn about The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, which is a community Beth founded in 1983 and which welcomes people of all religions, spiritual paths or none.

green-Promo-7thWaveAnd tune into Beth’s new online radio show, InsideOut, where we don’t talk about spirituality, we live it through our honesty, transparency, openness and connection to all! Click here to join our InsideOut community, where we turn old ideas upside down and turn ourselves, our guests and each other inside out. Tuesdays at 3 pm Pacific time at

Meet Beth Green, a woman with

  • The gift of extraordinary intuition and perception
  • 30+ years experience counseling and teaching for individuals and organizations
  • A body of teachings, writings and programs that work
  • Charisma, relatablility, humor and the ability to channel spiritual energies
  • The backing of The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, a nonprofit spiritual organization, founded by Beth and offering numerous programs and services, many of which are free
  • InsideOut, an exciting internet radio show, where we can all come together to be real and to challenge everything, especially ourselves!

Hi, I’m Beth Green and I’d like to introduce you to my work.

Beth loves to laugh at herself and she helps us laugh at ourselves, too!

First let me tell you how excited I am about InsideOut, the internet radio show I’m hosting on, along with my partner James Maynard as co-host. I have been on the other side of the microphone easily 100 times in the course of my career as a social activist and spiritual teacher. But this is the first I have the opportunity to co-create the community I want through the vehicle of an online talk show. I love the internet. It causes hierarchies to tumble, as we communicate what and when we want without being dominated by a few networks. Tune in, laugh with us, hear interviews with guests who are willing to be real, call in and become a regular part of our show. You can listen live, or you can catch us on podcast later. Sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll get our weekly announcements of upcoming shows.

Second, James and I invite you to participate in our many transformational programs that play a role in the emergence of a new spirituality. This summer, we are offering an Intuitive Hypnotherapy Training & Certification program from August 12-23, which will support you to be of service and start a professional intuitive hypnotherapy practice if you like.. Then starting in September, 2013, you can join the new class of Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC).  This program is 100% available via the internet, or you can do it live in person or via internet videoconferencing. It’s powerful, transformative, healing and affordable, and if you do it via pre-recorded form, you can start the program at any time! In addition to offering a powerful training program, Consciousness Boot Camp prepares you to become a practitioner in The New Spirituality, if you wish. All these programs support healing, training and service and are co-sponsored by my spiritual community, The Stream Center for The New Spirituality. You can get all the details of our training programs at our educational branch, The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness. Click here for the introductory video about the program.

Beth and James are great partners. They co-founded Consciousness Boot Camp and the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness. And they have a wonderful time together on Beth’s new internet radio show, Inside Out. Join them!

By the way, Consciousness Boot Camp is based on my most recently published book, Living with Reality: Who We Are; What We Could Be; How We Get There. This book took nine years to develop and write, because it is based not only on theory, but on our collective experience of people’s transformation. We’re offering a great free program called Consciousness Boot Camp Light. If you sign up, you’ll get a free PDF version of the book, plus you will be enrolled in a free online study program. To sign up, just go to If you like, you can purchase Living with Reality in hard- or softcover versions at, along with my four other published works. This book is not only an in-depth analysis of human consciousness; it is a handbook for higher consciousness. People who read this book tell me that it is changing their lives.

You can also find a growing series of my free talks at Forunity, the YouTube channel of The Stream. This includes lectures on a wide variety of topics, plus a monthly series I’ve been doing for the LifeConnection Magazine, with articles and videos with refreshing ideas. Also free is LifeForce: The Inner Workout, a mind-body-spirit exercise program that I developed and lead on the internet. LifeForce is easy to do and synergizes the mind, body and spirit, aligning and strengthening us on a daily basis. You can also read my many blogs on the Huffington Post. Just click here.

Finally, click here for more information about personal counseling sessions with James and me.

I’m Beth Green. For over 30 years I’ve been a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, consultant, author, workshop leader and composer. Throughout this time, I’ve offered a lot of innovative programs, teachings and processes that have enabled hundreds of individuals and groups change the way they think, feel and behave in the world. Along with members of my spiritual community, The Stream, I’ve been helping co-create the world that I believe possible.

Our world is changing. And I’m so grateful to be a part of that change. Explore this website, read my blogs, books and other free offerings, check out my music  and tune into InsideOut. And most important, become a conscious co-creator of The New Spirituality that is emerging on the earth. Please check out the many programs and supports that The Stream is offering that are helping that emergence, and thank you for being a part of our collective evolution!



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